American Reactions to Snow

In the winter, it is snowing. There are four different ways to react to this in America:

  1. Never leave bed and weep to yourself the entire time, thinking the world is ending. (You are from the south.)
  2. Don’t go outside, but smile and enjoy your day off. (You are from the mid-west.)
  3. Play in the snow, but spend most of your time shoveling because you know it’ll suck tomorrow when it ices over. (You are from the east coast or Seattle/Oregon.)
  4. You BBQ outside. (You are from New England or any state bordering Canada.)

Agree/disagree? Which number are you?


5 thoughts on “American Reactions to Snow

  1. Northern Michigan. We hold out our arms and scream, “About damn time! I bought my ski passes two weeks ago!”

    Also in Northern Michigan, we consider purchasing a snow mobile so we don’t have to shovel. 😉

  2. #1 – Except that I don’t weep, because I know the world won’t end. Well, at least not as long as I was able the day before to buy enough toilet paper to wipe an entire army’s collective ass.

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